The Mission of Wega B.V is as follows:

Relieving the customer by analyzing, structuring and organizing logistic flows in order to achieve the lowest cost for their customers. 

Analyzing, structuring and organizing

By gaining insight into the logistics of the client and to analyze the possible improvements to the operation of their clients can be made by Wega.

Logistic flow

The logistic flows that Wega particularly targets include the following:

  • Receiving goods
  • Quality control
  • Assembly / processing
  • Picking orders / processing
  • Loading
  • Other internal logistics operation processing


The clients of Wega are mainly manufacturing and trading companies which are active in floriculture, dairy, gifts, foot-ware and fruit. Wega is naturally not limited to its clients active in those markets. 

Cost efficient 

  • Wega is able to work very cost efficient based on the following points:
  • Optimal utilization of the processing room
  • Optimal use of logistical resources
  • Minimal staff hours
  • Continuity in the processing
  • A high level of knowledge in the workforce
  • Optimal control of logistics importance
  • Transparent costing

Clients are able to completely focus on their core business. Experience teaches us that the growth and profitability of the business benefits.