The services of Wega consist of four products:

Logistics Quick-Scan

The logistics quick scan is a method whereby the logistic processing is audited within a short period of time. This leads to solutions of the logistic line of the client which is an improvement to them. 

Logistic Advice

The logistics advices are realized in project teams. Wega acts as a project manager in close cooperation with the responsible staff of the client. The improvement points are defined and then achieved according to a fixed timetable. 

Production logistic services

Working with a logistics service provider can yield much to your company.

A)    Concentration on core business
The wants of the end customers are increasingly forcing companies to deal only with their core business. Outsourcing provides space and flexibility to quickly respond to market changes. Moreover, the innovative distribution logistic service concept, whereby the company or client can reach new customers or existing customers is a higher level of service that they can provide.

B)    No Worries
By outsourcing, Wega takes away the following concerns of your company:

  • Hiring the right labor at the right time
  • Planning of working capacity
  • Making the vacation planning
  • CAO monitoring guidelines
  • Capacity issues ( housing and storage )
  • Close coordination of the logistic process
  • Seamless integration of planning processes
  • Streamline handling of documents and customs matters

C)    Financial advantages
Outsourcing may affect the financial ratios: the same volume with fewer people which mean a higher turnover per employee. Vehicles and buildings are also outsourced, through which the balance is reduced and the return on equity grows.

Storage and inventory management

Keeping stock is expensive. Research shows that the total inventory cost of approximately twenty-five percent of stock value amounts which include: interest charges, storage costs (storage and handling) and risk. It shows with many companies that the stock level is too high.

Good stock control brings back that level and reduces your inventory costs. Wega helps companies to optimize their inventory levels and their level of service as follows: 

  • Optimization of your order, call processes.
  • Increasing the knowledge of your employees through in-house training.